The Easiest Way To Unlock OTs 9

The Easiest Way To Unlock OTs 9

Easiest Way To Unlock OTs

Getting a weapon is not the easiest way to unlock OTs 9, but there are ways to earn COD points and XP. Here’s one way: Complete a Zombies-specific weapon challenge. Once you have earned the weapon’s COD points, you can then use it to unlock the attachments for it. This way, you can earn even more XP for it.

Earning XP for OTs 9

One way of earning XP for OTs 9 is by completing challenges. For instance, if you want a new weapon, you can use blueprint bundles. These bundles can be purchased in the game’s in-game market. The best way to earn XP for OTs 9 is to finish a challenge that involves killing enemies using tactical gear. However, be aware that this method isn’t foolproof. There are other, more reliable methods of earning XP.

The Mace melee weapon has been added to both Black Ops and OTs 9. It will join the new CR-58 assault rifle which launched with the fourth season. In addition, the game will feature new maps and game modes. Earning XP for OTs 9 is a great way to level up, but you’ll want to play the game during double XP weekends to make the most of it.

Another way to get double XP for OTs 9 is to use an SMG to kill 2 opponents fast in 15 different matches. This is especially important on Rebirth Island, where you’ll have more opportunities to kill two players in a short period of time. The OTs 9 can also be equipped with attachments that enhance its capabilities. There are also several ways to earn XP for OTs 9 in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Completing a Zombies-specific weapon challenge

To unlock a MAC-10, you must complete 15 matches and kill at least two players with this weapon. You cannot leave a match after getting the kill, so be sure to complete all matches in a row. Another way to complete this challenge is to kill 50 Tempests within two seconds of them reappearing after teleporting. If you’re having trouble finding three players, use an ammo mod.

To unlock a OTs 9, you must complete a Zombies-specific weapon challenge in Warzone or Cold War multiplayer. To do so, you must kill three enemies with tactical equipment in 15 different matches. For the Zombies mode, you must kill 50 Tempests within two seconds of them reappearing after teleporting.

A Zombies-specific weapon challenge is also the easiest way to unlock the SMG. There are three different kinds of challenges. You can complete one in Multiplayer or Warzone and the last one requires you to finish 15 different matches. Completing one of these challenges will earn you a bonus weapon and XP token, which you can use to unlock new weapons.

Season Four Reloaded is set to launch on July 15. It will also include the OTs 9 SMG. This blazingly fast SMG is the first earnable weapon in Season Four Reloaded. Completing an in-game challenge will unlock it as well as a mace melee weapon. The game also includes a Zombies-specific map, so you should be able to play both modes at the same time.

Earning COD points for OTs 9

If you want to buy all the items and get the best gear for your character in COD: Online, the first step is to earn as many COD points as possible. The game’s progression is based on the completion of different challenges. The more COD points you earn, the faster you can level up your character. You can also spend those points on cosmetic items like skins, armor, weapons, and other cosmetic items. There are a variety of ways to unlock new gear in COD: Online.

If you are a fan of SMGs, you may want to consider getting the OTs 9. This weapon is said to have fantastic stopping power and rate of fire. It can fire up to 20 rounds at a time, but it does have a low magazine capacity. To unlock the OTs 9 in COD: Online, you can complete the in-game challenge to earn the weapon. In addition, you can try to unlock this weapon in Black Ops Cold War by completing the corresponding challenges.

The OTs 9 submachine gun is a great weapon for the Call of Duty: Online community is eager for Season 4 to release new content, including weapons, new maps, and more. Until then, you can earn the submachine gun using the blueprint bundle in the Call of Duty store, manual unlocking, and other methods. However, it can take some time before you can unlock the weapon.